Security Updates

5/22/2015 Update

As an update, as has been reported, FriendFinder Networks Inc. recently became aware of a potential data security incident. The security of our members’ information remains our top priority and, upon learning of this incident, we took immediate action including:

  • Launching an internal investigation to review and expand existing security protocols and processes
  • Taking steps to protect our members such as temporarily disabling the username search function and masking usernames of any users we believe were affected by the security issue.
  • This means that our members will still be able to log-in using their username and password but the search function will be disabled in an effort to protect members privacy. We are also in the process of communicating directly to members on how to update their usernames and passwords
  • Working closely with Mandiant, a leading third-party forensics expert, to investigate the incident, review network security and remediate our system
  • Notifying law enforcement, including the FBI, and coordinating with their investigation into this attack

It is important to note that, at this time, there is no evidence that any financial information or passwords were compromised.

As is common with similar cyber-attack events, until the investigation is completed, it will be difficult to confirm the full scope of the incident, but we will continue to work vigilantly to address this potential issue and will provide updates on this site as we learn more from our investigation. Protecting our members’ information is our top priority and we will continue to take the appropriate steps needed to protect our members and their information.